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The Peony Rose Collection was designed to create an aromatic ambience formulated to take your senses on an evocative journey within the self. Peony, Rose & Waxflower are the floral allies within the blend(s) and will assist you in understanding yourself on a Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Level. The natural fragrances of the peony and rose petals, paired with hints of “Nectar”- our premium fragrance oil - releases a sensual mix of light and airy floral notes. The aromas emitted from burning, diffusing, or smudging our blend(s) create an atmosphere reminiscent to the feeling of falling in love - but with YOURSELF. It invites you into a realm of self discovery, self love, sensuality & divine alignment.

Resonates with people who:

desire to (re)connect with their feminine energy

desire to have more passion in their lives

desire to find more time for creative expression and creative play

Desire to break out of their shell 

desire self-love & acceptance

People who desire to "Know themselves" on all levels

People who desire to tap into their inner child