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Who is Madame Flora?


A floral artist + designer just as bold as her visuals, Rochelle is the founder and creative director of Haus of Madame Flora, established in 2020. Known as “Madame Flora” or “The Flower Whisperer” amongst her fellow floral creatives, Madame Flora has been crowned queen of fashion-forward designs & floral aesthetics.


It was out of the grief of losing her father in 2015,  that Haus of Madame Flora was born. Struggling to deal with the depression that came from the loss, and desiring to heal naturally, outside of traditional medicine, she went down the “floral healing rabbit hole.”

On the morning of May 6, 2019 in McKinney, Texas Madame Flora went on a run, made a wrong turn and accidentally found herself in a beautiful forest of trees, along with a field of sunflowers and purple thistles. After battling major depression for 3 years prior, she found solace in meditating in that field of flowers and felt some of the weight of her depression lift off of her. That day she deemed the forest with the field of flowers her "Secret Place," and made it a habit to go there every morning. It became her place of emotional and spiritual refuge.  


But It wasn’t until she randomly received a huge bouquet flowers from an unknown gentleman at a grocery store, and brought the flowers home that she realized a shift in her mood, as well as a shift in her environment. It was that same feeling of "a weight being lifted" while in her secret place, that became ever present while being in the same room where the bouquet of flowers were stored. That was the day a light bulb went off. She had a realization that it was the flowers. She discovered that the flowers were trying to send her a message, they wanted her to pay attention NOT to their physical beauty, but to their healing presence.

It wasn't long before she began bringing different varieties flowers into her environment. She would take notes on how she felt when handling specific flowers and also noted the shift in the environment, based on the type of flowers that were present. Certain flowers, like the purple thistle, would bring intense prophetic dreams, while others, such as the sunflower, would bring a great sense of emotional joy. It was through her watching and studying the life-cycle of Sunflowers that she was able to slowly heal her grief and overcome her depression. 

This led her to experimenting with wearing flowers (both fresh and dried, as well as floral print clothing). She noticed the difference in how she was perceived by others, and how she became more confident when certain flowers and floral prints were worn. She began to thrive on bringing her "secret place" with her via floral fashion, it was the perfect way keep her mood and spirits uplifted.

But when she finally tapped into the healing nature of flower essences everything in her life came full circle in her understanding of flower healing. This fueled her passion into studying the energetic chemistry of flowers and how to harness and use that energy to improve her emotional and mental well-being. Which ultimately improved her quality of life. She is now passionate about sharing her knowledge of floral alchemy with others so that others can experience the healing nature of flowers and become experiencers of inner transformation and alignment of body, mind and spirit (God).


It’s the potent energy of Flower + Spirit (God) that brings healing and transformation and she learned that both are necessary in order to truly understand flowers on a physical and spiritual level.

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