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What is BGF?

The goal of Black Girl Florists is to promote and support Black women florists, our creativity, and contributions to the industry, while acting as a space for support, connection, and educational resources.

The Goal of  Black Girl Florists

BGF Tenure Groups

The BGF Tenure Groups are designed to create a space where we could facilitate interactions between florists who look like you. The unique part of Tenure Groups, is that they are broken down by how long you have been in floral so you can better relate to the women who are right where you are.

It's broken down like this: Newbie florist (less than 2 years), Associate florist (2-4 years), Mid florist (5-9 years), and Veteran florist (10+). Each group will address specific topics from getting started in floral, to succession planning, and how to grow.

Join the BGF Newbie Florists Group

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BGF Newbie Florists Lead


Free Monthly Meetups

Madame Flora leads the Newbie Florists Tenure Group. This group meets on the 2nd Monday of every month from 4:30 to 6:00 PM (EST) via Zoom. This meetup is for black girl florists who are new to the industry or have two years or less of experience. Our monthly meetups are FREE to attend.

April 8, 2024  | 4:30-6:00pm {MST}

Newbie Florists Meetup

for florists new to the industry with less than 2 yrs of experience
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Past BGF Meetups



Confronting Your Imposter

With Madame Flora

March  2024

The BGF 'Confronting Your Imposter'  Zoom meetup invites Newbie Florists to a focused 1.5-hour session tailored for navigating Imposter Syndrome. This curated session is designed to guide you through the process of unmasking your inner imposter, navigating self-doubt, and ultimately embodying the confident florist you aspire to become. We'll delve into your imposter's nature, examining how she manifests in your world and her ties to self-doubt and self-sabotage. This event is free to attend.

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