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{Black Girl Florists} "Embracing Your Black Girl Florist Era" Newbie Florits Meetup
{Black Girl Florists} "Embracing Your Black Girl Florist Era" Newbie Florits Meetup

Mon, May 06


Virtual Meetup

{Black Girl Florists} "Embracing Your Black Girl Florist Era" Newbie Florits Meetup

Through imaginative floral play, we'll delve into introspection and self-discovery, exploring what sets you apart as a Black Girl Florist and defines your unique style.

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Time & Location

May 06, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Virtual Meetup

About the event

The BGF 'Embracing Your Black Girl Florist Era'  Zoom meetup invites Newbie Florists (0-2 years of experience) to an  interactive 1.5-hour session tailored to navigating the landscape of  your individuality and uniqueness within the floral industry.

Your Black Girl Florist Era is a declaration of ownership over your unique narrative, This declaration makes it so your "Floral Era" is defined by YOU.

Through  imaginative floral play, we'll delve into introspection and  self-discovery, exploring what sets you apart as a Black Girl Florist  and defines your unique style. Additionally, we'll conduct a flower  study focusing on the essence of the Ranunculus flower – revealing the  multifaceted uniqueness and value we hold. Using vibrant discussions and  hands-on activities, we'll explore the intricate beauty and symbolism  of the Ranunculus, reflecting on our individuality and creative  expression.

In this immersive session, we'll also delve into the  heart of what it means to be a "Black Girl Florist". Breaking free from  conformity and embracing what makes you different and unique. We'll  define our "floral era," envisioning what it looks like, articulating  what it represents, and celebrating our unique paths in the floral  landscape.

This session isn't about fitting in; it's about  standing out. Carving out a space uniquely yours, where creativity knows  no bounds and authenticity shines through. Engage in thought-provoking  discussions and creative exercises to define your path and honor your  personal energy signature as a florist, while also defining your niche  within the industry.

Last session's victory over imposter syndrome  was just the beginning. With newfound confidence and determination,  we're ready to embrace our "Black Girl Florist Era" with pride and  authenticity. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and creative  liberation.

What to Expect:

  • Deep Dive into Self-Discovery: Engaging discussions and introspective activities exploring your individuality as a florist.
  • Creative Exploration with Ranunculus: Discover the unique qualities and symbolism of the Ranunculus flower for self-reflection and exploration.

What to Bring:

The most  important thing to bring is your authentic self. Come as you are, ready  to embrace your uniqueness and creativity as we redefine the concept of  floristry together!

Flower Focus: Select a  bouquet of Ranunculus flowers with intention. You can choose a variety  of colors, or you can choose one color. Bring them to the zoom session  as they will be used as a tool for self-exploration.  Having the  physical flowers with you can enhance your connection to the flower  study.

Journal or Notepad: Capture your thoughts, reflections, and any insights that arise during the session.

Open Mind and Heart: Come prepared to engage fully in the workshop, embracing new perspectives and insights with an open mind and heart.

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